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Program Concept


The INNERtainment Channel is a media brand devoted to informative, provocative, inspirational and entertaining programming that highlights happy & healthy lifestyles, socially conscious conversations, wellness and plant-based dining.


Program content can be viewed across a variety of media platforms, including TV, web, and on-demand streaming services.  INNERtainment's primary mission is to be the world’s largest depository of television programming that engages viewers in a holistic and entertaining format. 

In order to support the growing number of individuals and companies that want to reach the INNERtainment audience demographic, The INNERtainment Channel production team provides services for Content Providers and Advertisers to create and develop the concepts for television programs on The INNERtainment Channel media portals and platforms.  


INNERtainment targets the 375 million worldwide demographic that is already enjoying the benefits of plant-based dining, natural products, holistic services and are experiencing the joys of living a healthy lifestyle.  Most importantly...providing 

information and inspiration to a NEW and growing demographic immersed in exploring the modalities that embraces body, mind and spirit.

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